Amazing Wedding Dresses

Wedding in every girl’s life is a unique and unforgettable event.

Principal Assistant in creating the image of the bride-wedding dress. Variety of colors and styles of wedding dresses are so great that every girl will be able to create an image that is appropriate for it. However, some designers in the pursuit of creating a unique dresses often create models in society causing at least a slight shock. We offer you a selection of unusual dresses.

parachute wedding dress

parachute wedding dress

Let’s start with a dress that has a romantic story of creation. It starts with a happy parachute. One parachute in 1945, saved the life of a u.s. pilot whose plane was shot down over Japan.The pilot survived. Two years later, the girl of this pilot, ordered sewing wedding dresses from the dome of a parachute thatsaved the life of her beloved.

peacock feathers wedding-dress

peacock feathers wedding-dress

Unique wedding dress made entirely of peacock feathers, created eight artists from China. Luxurious wedding dress costs about half a million dollars. Decorate outfit 60 green jade stones.

sweetest wedding dress Uzhgorod

sweetest wedding dress Uzhgorod

In Uzhgorod was created the sweetest wedding dress. Famous Ukrainian pastry chef from Uzhgorod Valentin Stefano used for my dress flour, eggs, sugar, caramel and chocolate. Chef within two months of such an unusual masterpiece created to please his future wife.
amazing  wedding dress

amazing  wedding dress denim

amazing  wedding dress rainbow

gallery wedding dress Barge

gallery wedding dress Sophia Tolli
I suggest look at the gallery of unusual wedding dresses. Maybe you too will choose something for your wedding.

gallery wedding dress

gallery amazing  wedding dress

gallery wedding dress rose

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