Collection of wedding dresses Claire Pettibone Autumn 2016

Usually autumn collections are created from a cozy warm fabrics, fine velvet, lace. Wedding autumn collection by Claire Pettibone contrary sewn from fabric weightless cold shades. Superb finish, from which emanates the noble coolness and sensual appeasement aristocratic refinement gives the image of the bride. Our site has a gallery of romantic dresses by Claire Pettibone of amazing collection

The Gilded Age by Claire Pettibone

eliza_Claire Pettibone 2016

Title Fall The Gilded Age. The inspiration for the creation of wedding dresses have become th year 1870-1900, known as the Gilded Age. It all suggests luxury and good aesthetic taste of the bride.

Let’s enjoy the refined elegance of the dresses from the fall collection 2016 by Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone fall 2106

whitney Claire Pettibone 2016

pearle Claire Pettibone 2016

sinclair_Claire Pettibone 2016

asscher_Claire Pettibone 2016


All images from official site Claire Pettibone

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