Popular flowers for boutonnieres

At the wedding ceremony flower boutonniere adorn the outfits of the groom and his friends. The boutonniere trend going into the 21st century is more elaborate, with different concepts and design. Using bright and striking flowers with creative and unique design will achieve that.
When choosing flowers for boutonnieres to consider important rule. Boutonnieres for the groom and witnesses must be in harmony with the bride’s bouquet. Design wedding buttonholes can be any: a small flower, adorned with greenery, or corsage with berries or beads.
What are the best boutonniere flowers?
1) Orchids. Orchids are perennial favorites for beach weddings, they are also sophisticated choices for urban events. Combine a miniature green cymbidium orchid with dark green leaves for an exotic statement.

Orchids for boutonniers
2) Roses. The classic single rose boutonniere will never go out of style. Roses are ideal flowers for boutonnieres because they hold up well without direct access to water, they’re a good size, and come in a wide array of colors. Of flowers roses, you can create a unique composition, adding small flowers, twigs or feathers.

Roses for boutonnieres
3) Calla Lilies. Calla lilies are a beautiful and long lasting. They make simple, elegant boutonnieres for classic weddings. White and purple Calla Lily accessory to improve some lavender and Pearl fillers for a stylish look. Calla lilies come in many colors.

Calla Lily Boutonniere
4) Gerbera Daisy. The bold color and structure of the gerbera daisy says simplified elegance. This flower looks fabulous pinned alone on the lapel, or accented with berries for contrast. Available in dozens of colors, they are easy to match to any color theme.


Gerbera Daisy  for boutonnieres

  • Roses for boutonnieres
    Roses for boutonnieres
  • Calla lilies boutonniere
    Calla lilies boutonniere
  • Gerbera Daisy  for boutonnieres
    Gerbera Daisy for boutonnieres


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