Ribbon Backdrop Ideas for your Wedding

Today our advice on background wedding decoration with ribbons. This economical option is easy to do yourself. It is enough to choose a beautiful ribbon and a little imagination.
As a basis for our tapes need PVC pipe or wooden dowel, linen or simply long multi-colored rope. Everything is very simple. The result you’ll love!!!
Let’s see how you can create a background using the Ribbon

1) Photo Display Backdrop . For this we need a photo of your couple or your entire family. Use pictures with happy moments of your life together. Let it be relaxing on the seashore, or a family holiday, a picnic with friends. Photos can be attached to the ribbon using staples or fast-drying glue.

foto decor ribbons
2) Ceremony “Altar” Backdrop. A good idea to decorate the place where you will say the vows of eternal love. Use colorful ribbons and balloons for decoration.

ceremony altar backdrop
3) Dessert Table Backdrop

dessert table ribbon backdrop
4) Ribbon Chair Decorations

Ribbon Chair Decorations

How To Make A Ribbon Backdrop

1. Cut ribbon in to four foot strips and fold 2 inches of ribbon over the dowel
2. Pinch the ribbon and secure with a twist tie
3. Flatten the twist tie so ribbon is as flat as possible. Repeat until your dowel is full.
That’s it! Super easy right? Enjoy.
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  • Dessert Table Backdrop
    Dessert Table Backdrop
  • Ribbon chair Decorations
    Ribbon chair Decorations

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