The idea for a wedding: denim wedding

Many believe that jeans do not fit for a wedding dress for the bride. But it’s not. From denim, you can create a beautiful dress for the wedding in a country style. For example, a dress will look great denim top and traditional white skirt. If the bride decided to choose a traditional wedding gown, you can complement the denim jacket or vest. Denim can be used for decoration of wedding shoes and accessories, you can make artificial flowers for the bridal bouquet, decoration hairstyles.

denim bouquet & accesories

The bridegroom can wear jeans instead of the traditional classic trousers. The bridegroom or his friends can complement your image denim jacket or vest.
Tell your guests that you have a themed wedding. Ask guests to maintain their style of wedding dresses. If not for all the guests comfortable denim clothing, support can only style of wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Pay attention to the design of the invitation cards to the celebration. In their design, you can use the denim material, and you can get your invitations to special design paper.

denim table ideas

Pads for wedding rings can also be created from denim. They can make your own or order from the pros.
Also you can order amazing cake or biscuits, decorated in the colors of the classic denim

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  • denim wedding bridegroom
    denim wedding bridegroom
  • denim wedding dress
    denim wedding dress
  • denim table idea
    denim table idea
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    denim bouquet

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