Wedding manicure ideas

The wedding day is very important for every girl. Therefore, everything must be perfect. On hand to the attention of all guests at the most solemn moment of the wedding – the bride and groom exchanging wedding rings.

Wedding manicure must meet certain requirements to the wedding day the bride was comfortable. Manicure of the bride should be in harmony with a dress or accessories. You can choose a color scheme like a dress or decorate nails shine, if shine as accessories.

Some brides make classic manicure for a wedding, choosing neutral colors. The classic design of the nail is considered a bride in white, cream, solid, beige, pale pink, pale lilac, and other pastel colors.

See a manicure chosen bride for her wedding. In our gallery you will find an idea for their wedding.


Matte Manicure for wedding

image:  Instagram user chaunpnails

sparkly wedding nails

image: Daily Makeover

Rose Gold French Manicure for wedding

image: Noted List

red wedding manicure


red sparkly wedding manikure


wedding manicure

image: Feel It In My Bones

fashionable wedding nails


gold wedding nails

image:  Jamberry via Wedding Chicks

wedding nails

image: Art and Design

tiffany blue aqua and silver wedding

image: Beautyhihi

nails for brigal

image: perfectly_nailed

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