Wedding rings Carrera y Carrera

Spanish jewelry house Carrera y Carrera perfectly true to his artistic principles. Its collections you will not find neutral and classical solutions.
In the new lооkbook Carrera y Carrera you can see a variety of ring – like wedding and engagement rings. White and yellow gold, diamonds, the combination of matte and polished surfaces. Showing not only classic wedding ringsand jewelry for the bride. Delicate, sparkling, and very beautiful.
Figural design and attention to detail, recognizable gold processing that combines matte and glossy surface – it’s a unique look at beauty.

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Some of the wedding rings of Carrera y Carrera used a unique technique of matte coating, the secret of which is carefully preserved by the company.
Any engagement ring Carrera y Carrera has its own serial number, which gives the product a special uniqueness and originality. Among other things, this ensures that you have a true decoration of Carrera y Carrera, has impeccable characteristics

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In assortment of the company includes both women’s and men’s wedding rings model Carrera y Carrera of white and yellow gold with diamond inlaid.
Everyone can choose a ring from the collection of the famous jewelry House

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